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Old pic of a shiny Brolli The ginyu eps were some of my favorite~! The Recoome vs Vegeta fight was the best~! >:D Vegeta from the Namek saga Piccolo coming at ya! Bardock and his crew When's the last time you've seen Android 16 art O_o? For Spoon! Mad Trunks
Happy Trunks ^^ Vegeta, Majin style 10,000 hit Vegeta Android 17 ~he's so cool :o Greasy Nappa^^; Summertime at the Brief's Vegeta in the snow :O
Big bad Cell Vegeta making waves~ I finally got around to finishing a ssj 2 Gohan pic ^^;        

Dragonball Z...I drew my first (anime) fanart from this series.....Although you won't find it in this gallery I'm afraid ^^;